Saturday, 3 October 2015

Father Edward L. Beck, can you tell us a little more...about optics, I mean?

Oh the Facebook priests and their obvious narcissism. I mean, who has so many profile pictures anyway? Well, I can think of another, but let's not go there, yet.

So, perusing Father CNN's page I came across this.

Tell us Father Edward L. Beck of the Passionist Fathers, Exactly what is it that you are trying to tell us?

Because you're right -- "Optics" really do, "speak volumes."


TH2 said...

"Tell us Father Edward L. Beck of the Passionist Fathers, Exactly what is it that you are trying to tell us?"

Just say it, Vox: he's a frolicking faggot.

Anna Sze said...

Who spends way too much time bleaching his teeth !

Anna Sze said...

Maybe he will soon follow the lead of Charamasa (I dare not call him Fr.) and 'come out'.. now that one of them has openly declared his 'love' for another sodomite, the dominoes will fall.
PRIDE, notice that all the sodomites are so very proud and bold, sounds familiar?
St. Michael the Archangel pray for us, defend our Holy Church, Mother of God, Blessed Virgin Mary intercede for us at the throne of you Son.

Murray said...

You know, as politically incorrect as it may be to say so, there is such a thing as "gayface".

Why do I mention it? Oh, no particular reason.

Dymphna said...

These photos are disturbing.

Anonymous said...

Actually I would love to see a string of closets being open, bishops and all... Let them have fun and enjoy life... Better enjoy it while it lasts.

My diocese was haunted by a sex abuse scandal of one of these "priests" and I believe the root of all of them worldwide is good old so**my.

Love to see if the Pope (he can say the Creed, ya know?) would rise to the occasion (maybe call Burke back to supervise the purge) or finally prove how "complicated" his papacy is, if the pope is supposed to be catholic, i mean...