Saturday, 3 October 2015

BREAKING: Fr. Dariusz Oko responds to the slanderous attack by the Vatican "gay priest", Krzysztof Charamsa

EXCLUSIVE and BREAKING: Fr. Dariusz Oko responds to the slanderous attack by the Vatican "gay priest", Krzysztof Charamsa

Fr. Dariusz Oko 
Exclusive Toronto Catholic Witness translation of an interview granted to the Polish newspaper, original may be read here. 

Fr. Oko gained fame for his writings on "homoheresy". He has lectured and written about the infiltration of homosexuals into the priesthood. He has been proved correct.  From the Eponymous Flower:

Two years ago, the Polish Catholic journal Fronda published a long essay, which was also taken up by the German Catholic journal Theologisches. The subject of the review was the "Homohäresie" and the existence of a "gay mafia" in the Catholic Church. The author described the existence of a network of homosexual priests at all levels of the Church hierarchy, including the Roman Curia, who cover for each other....

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Father Dariusz Oko on Fr. Charamsa: "in his pride me placed himself above the Church..." 

Question (Boguslaw Rąpała): Fr. Krzysztof Charamsa has publicly announced that he is gay. And it is you, Reverend Father Professor that are the target of his sharpest attack? How do you, Father,  react to this? 

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Barona said...

Fr. Oko is a prophet. A man who speaks the truth against all odds, opposition, hatred, mockery, denigration. Well, he was proven right again. But as you asked earlier: just how many more of these homosexual infiltrators are out there, hidden, working to destroy the Church?

Pedro Erik said...

Fantastic, Vox.

I will mention it in my blog. Great Father Oko.

Anonymous said...

Now THIS is what a TRUE Catholic Priest sounds like. Unwilling to contemplate false, worldly heretical doctrine from those who seek to undermine the Holy Catholic Church. Bravo Father Oko.

TLM said...

Thank the Dear Lord for Priests like this. May God give him and others like him the courage to keep speaking out in defense of Our Lord and His Church, He gives us HOPE that the Church has not been taken over completely by the Homoheretics.

Anonymous said...

What can I say... Bishop Subito!!!