Sts. Peter & Paul Sung Latin Mass

Sts. Peter & Paul Sung Latin Mass
Toronto Latin Mass

Wednesday, 30 September 2015

I must be doing something right!

Because I am upsetting people on both sides of the road.


John Laws said...

Good on you. The lefties are easy targets and a lazy man`s opponent. The pseudo-cons are harder to pin down and have been getting a free ride for too long. Make a mess.

Anna Sze said...

I second that Vox, keep up your great work. Either one is on the side of Christ 100% or not, you can't be wishy-washy, "..I believe this that the Church teaches, but...not that," bs, too much of it from every front clergy and 'faithful' alike. No in-between. God Bless you and every other blogger who has the true courage to stand for the Truth, to point out error where it exists. These clergy men (who are not living their vocation so I call them clergy men because it seems that the holy priesthood is just a job for them) what would one say to them every time they defile, reject, blaspheme Christ Himself by their wretched actions, by their irreverence? They are the scandal and everyone who bows to them and their erroneous ways likewise causes scandal. Enough, its time for the faithful to take up their armour of faith, virtues and gifts of the Holy Spirit to combat all this evil, all gloves are off !!

Anonymous said...

in God there are no sides! Let's stay with him and let the sides fight amongst themselves.

Anna Sze said...

Dear Anonymous, when I said sides I meant take God's side, and there are two sides one can take God or Satan. These are the two side that do exist, and all must choose which side they are on. God Bless !