Sunday, 10 May 2015

Where is your outrage? When will Moslems stand up and rid this from within?

Was this poor Yazidi child murdered. We do not know, the image was found on the phone of a dead Islamist monster.

If she was not murdered, anyone who would pose a child in this way is an evil monster deserving of a firing squad.

There is much blood on the hands of western leaders. I am proud that my Prime Minister, Stephen Harper sees things differently and that our brave Royal Canadian Air Force men are there.

When will Muslims stand up and put an end to this crime against humanity and God.

muslims decapitate baby


BillyHW said...

Is it the last resort yet?

Tantumblogo said...

I love your blog, but a tiny nit - it hasn't been called the Royal Canadian Air Force for 48 years, though I wish it still were! It's the Canadian Forces Air Element, isn't it?

Vox Cantoris said...

Actually Tantumblog, it is once again the RCAF. It was stolen from Trudeau and given back to us by Prime Minister Harper!