Wednesday, 18 March 2015

A strange and dangerous time to be Faithful Catholic!

It is certainly a difficult, strange and dangerous time to be a Catholic. Daily, we see images of brutality and murder, rape and mayhem falling upon our Christian brothers and sisters in Africa, the Middle East and Pakistan. They are going through a martyrdom. We seem so oblivious to their suffering; it is happening so frequently that it is slipping from our collective consciousness.

Persecution comes in many forms and in many ways. It is not always bloody and it pales in comparison. Yet, the Lord asks us to take whatever comes and to offer it up to God united with His suffering; "If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and come follow me." A few sentences later, Our Blessed Lord asks, "For what doth it profit a man if he gain the whole world and suffer the loss of his own soul?" The people who engage in the world against faithful Catholics, need to ponder that.

Catholic World ReportJust over a month ago, I received a letter from one of Toronto's most expensive and aggressive law firms clearly threatening a lawsuit, notwithstanding later denials. It was clear in two letters that I would be sued in court the defense of which would have been in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. I made fair comment on this blog against what I believe were certain contestable comments uttered by Father Thomas J. Rosica, CSB in the public square; be they in his capacity as English-language spokesman of the Holy See, Executive Producer of Salt + Light or as a priest of the Congregation of St. Basil. These were public comments and Catholics have the right and duty under Canon Law to make their concerns known to their pastors and the Christian faithful. Dorothy Cummings MacLean of Catholic World Report provides some history and perspective on the situation.

Patricia Jannuzzi is a Catholic teacher threatened for her zeal for the faith. Even heartless Hollywood actors chimed in to denigrate and insult this woman which says much about them. She has been vilified and persecuted on social media. America, as well as our own Canada, has become fascist. Mrs. Jannuzzi put on her own Facebook page a comment about what we all know is a homosexualist agenda to change our culture, our schools, our language and our religions to force us to accept that which we do not believe. We never will accept it or succumb to their bullying no matter from whom it comes. It is an attack on the family and marriage and that has been clear from the beginning. Her bishop has remained silent. Her pastors sit by. Her Catholic school administrators have betrayed her, the students and Our Blessed Lord on the altar of political correctness where they have burnt incense.  The contact page at Immaculata High School has removed all the names of the administration and their emails. Fortunately, not before your writer wrote to them and here for your use are their emails which include the Principal, Vice-Principal and senior administrators. The links are live or you can copy and past them into the address line as they are separated by a semi-colon as follows.

The Pastor of the school is Monsignor Seamus F. Brennan of Immaculate Conception parish. It seems that Monsignor and the school are not unfamiliar with controversy surrounding the issue of homosexuality. The last time, they seemed to deny the seriousness of boys being photographed in the gymnasium shower room. The perpetrator, Patrick Lott the then volunteer coach at Immaculata and a former school principal elsewhere, pleaded guilty to numerous charges in connection with the filming. 

We have a Catholic high school with a track-record of staff with abusive behaviour by a homosexual, and make no mistake - that is what it was now persecuting a teacher for standing up for the truth. One can legitimately ask, is there more to this story?

Patricia Jannuzzi has a family to support and with the actions of her persecutors and cowardly behaviour of Monsignor Brennan and the school administrators she is without work and healthcare. I have no doubt that someone is going to hire our sister but in the meantime, she needs our support both moral and financial.

In New York yesterday, Michael Voris and his cameraman were assaulted and jostled at the St. Patrick's Day parade. This came at the hands of those around Timothy Cardinal Dolan after Voris, with press credentials, asked the Cardinal a question about his participation as Grand Marshall in the parade with activist homosexualist groups marching behind him.

There is a common-denominator in all of these examples; the complete disregard by church authorities for Canon Law to say nothing of civil and constitutional rights and the tenets of the Second Vatican Council and the Pope's own words to "make a mess."

The time has come for all Catholic who care about the Truth and the Church as taught for two-thousand years to rise up and defend it and Her.


Dorota said...

I am too week, it seems. I find no peace, my heart aches when I read such stories. And there are so many! This includes the wilful blindness of my own family.

Vox Cantoris said...

Darota, I am sorry that it hurts. Do not read too much and despair. We have hope and Our Lord's promise. How blest are we to be alive now. From all eternity He knew we would be here today. Remember St. John Paul and what he said from scripture, "Do not be afraid!" Read some good books by the saints. You can do much, you are not weak - you can pray!

TLM said...

I think it is now time, or close to time that faithful Catholic laity unify to stand for truth. Don't ask me what that looks like, I'm not sure but for some of our Bishops we would have any support. Seems as it is up to us. Unite all of the faithful Catholic laity and I do think it would be a formidable force

Vox Cantoris said...

TLM, I apologise; I went to approve this on my Blackberry and my fat finger hit delete by mistake. Fortunately, I had a hard copy so here is your comment to our sister Darota!

TLM has left a new comment on your post "A strange and dangerous time to be Faithful Cathol...":

Yes, Vox we have all been appointed to be here in this day. God has our back. And Darota, don't forget, we are all one body with different parts. All are called to do something a little different to make up the entire body. We all are feeling the anguish and from time to time need to lean on each other for support and comfort. Be at peace our God is so unbelievably AWESOME!! Lean on Him, He is in complete control. Take a break from it all now and then, I do! Just to rest in Him. Trust Him completely, He knows what you and all of us are going through. I have a rather 'blind' family as well. Sometimes it torments me until the Holy Spirit reminds me just to pray, do my VERY best for Him and TRUST. The Blessed Mother's Rosary is also extremely powerful! Try to pray it daily. God Bless you abundantly with his Mercy and PEACE!

M. Prodigal said...

Not much new under the sun. Think of a number of heretical times. Arian almost completely overtook the Church. Protestantism overtook many countries---think of England when only the bishop martyr John Fisher had the courage to not bow to HVIII. The bishops are men and many are weak. And, sadly, many also seem to be heterodox to boot. It is not easy to find a good holy shepherd but a few of the persecuted one are such: think of C. Burke or A. Cordileone. It is a time of trial and test and we must cling to the age old teachings of the Church and be ready to take the heat. I had to leave my medical profession...

Leaf said...

It breaks my heart that Cardinal Dolan went through with it. He knows full well what it would mean, marching in the parade and wearing the sash.

I'm tired of our priests and our bishops and our cardinals saying - whether with their words or their actions - that sin should be normalised and approved of. I'm tired of Catholics refusing to consider the sin of scandal. I'm so, so tired of seeing the faith I know and love get chipped away by secular culture.

Christ made us a promise when He said the gates of hell would not prevail. I trust in that. But it's so, so difficult - painful even - to see this great mess, this world-wide mess, unfolding during my lifetime.

Brian said...

So much of this is the result of episcopal negligence. If we go back fifty years, how many bishops had the courage to stand up to the liturgical and catechetical lunacies that were metastasizing, rapidly, throughout the Church. I'm sure, when it came to recognizing those dangers, many bishops, "thought the thought", but that was as far as these fainthearted souls were prepared to go. Who among the bishops was left, to "talk the talk", and then "walk the walk"? Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre and Bishop Castro de Mayer do come to mind. Who, among today's bishops, will "walk the walk", when Kasper and Francis get there agenda approved, in October? Is there an Athanasius? Is there a John Fisher?

Deliver us, O LORD, from the negligence, of the bishops.

Lou Iacobelli said...

And then the other side talks about "diversity education" and "equity" when this case proves once again that we are facing the homomafia. We either accept and think as they do or there will be serious consequences. It an "education" based on legal threats and fears and job loss.

I have read that terrible allegory that's sadly turning out to be real: Animal Farm. Patricia Jannuzzi needs our support and prayers.