Sunday, 1 February 2015

Mary Wagner's bravery

After the hit-and-run by Michael Coren in the Catholic Register on Mary Wagner, the Catholic Register responded with a guest column by Alissa Golob of Campaign Life. Of course it still begs the question as to why was Coren's column published in the first place. 

When one looks at the photo below it can be clearly seen that Coren's hit and the letter to the editor in the CR by a dyspeptic mutterer supporting him and criticizing two bloggers for leading with this news for a month until the Catholic press caught up is even more disgraceful. Mary is a humble and holy woman that would put both of these people to shame. 

I would like both Coren and the mutterer. once again barking up the wrong tree, to comment here about what they have done recently to match the humility, bravery and holiness of this woman and her fight to awake the consciousnesses of Canadians?

Mary Wagner with His Excellency Archbishop Depo of Czetochowa
Photo courtesy of Barona at Toronto Catholic Witness

Below is a an excerpt from Dorothy Cummings Mclean's column. Read all of at the Catholic Register.

Mary Wagner’s bravery is in not minding her own business
  • January 29, 2015
On Dec. 27, 1989, I was arrested outside a Toronto abortion business, thrown into a police van and locked in a cell for hours. So were about 74 other people, including at least one priest. The CBC reported 80.
Twenty-five years have passed, so readers may not remember that in the 1980s Catholics and evangelicals protested the horror of abortion outside Toronto’s hospitals and its four abortion businesses almost weekly. Back in 1989, only one of the “temporary bubble zones” had been created, and that was around Henry Morgentaler’s business on Harbord Street.
I could hold up a sign and take the verbal abuse, and I could even sit where the police said not to sit and get locked in a cell, but I never had the guts or the truly self-sacrificing love to approach abortion-bound women and say, “Please, won’t you reconsider? There is help for women who choose to keep their babies.” It was just too hard — the words choked in my throat.
Breaking the law of “mind your own business” can be harder than breaking the Criminal Code. For breaking that law — for having the courage and love to engage pregnant strangers face to face — I believe Mary Wagner deserves the honour those like her so rarely get.
(Cummings McLean is a Canadian writer and author of Ceremony of Innocence.)


BillyHW said...

Is there a link to this letter to editor?

Vox Cantoris said...

No, not without at least an on-line subscription. A rather silly letter from a man who without reservation supports Coren's hit and run and spends his time obsessing over this blog.