Saturday, 19 October 2013

Toronto's Catholic Register manipulates Pontiff's words

Is it not bad enough? Some of the Holy Father's language and verbiage are already confusing enough and we've seen how the lame stream media have manipulated his words; but to see this in a Catholic newspaper owned by the Archdiocese of Toronto is quite another thing.

When my "gift" subscription (I don't know who my benefactor is, but there is a parish out there "ordered" to pay for 50 copies to keep it afloat that has me on their list), I was stunned. 

The headline on the cover of the October 20 edition:

"I think this is the moment of mercy" ... "Pope seeks reveiw of divorxe, annolment so barred Catholics can return to Church? Page 11...

And on Page 11:

"Pope raises hopes of unmarried Catholics - Call of synod on marriage and family could soon reopen door to sacraments to divorced."

Clearly, when our beloved Pope Emeritus spoke of the "Council of the Media" he had this kind of manipulation in mind.

The article is written by Michael Swan.

From my letter to Jim O'Leary, Editor:

Dear Jim,

As an “annulled” and remarried Catholic who abided by the Church’s teaching, I am quite disgusted by your choice of headline on the cover of the October 20 CR “…Pope seeks review….so barred Catholics can return to the Church” and equally as bad on page 11: “…could soon reopen door of sacraments to divorced.”

One could expect such ignorance and manipulation from the Toronto Star, but from a Catholic Newspaper owned by the Archdiocese of Toronto?

The Pope WILL NOT admit divorced and remarried Catholics to Holy Communion without the appropriate annulment because he has no authority to do so, civil divorce and “remarriage” is adultery and fornication, period. One who engages cannot receive Holy Communion without reaping “condemnation upon themselves” as St. Paul reminds us. Sacramental confession is necessary and a change in behaviour. This is not explained  by your trite titles or articles or the interviewed in the article. While it may be desired by the usual cabal of dissenting Catholics, modernists and protestants, he will not do it. If there is a problem it is with catechesis, the true understanding of marriage and the annulment process.

2.       I am a Catholic. When I divorced I was NEVER unwelcome, NEVER was a door closed, NEVER was I “barred from Church.” I am no Saint and when I fell, I used the appropriate remedy, but these words used by a Catholic paper are frankly, an outright fallacy , a lie and a manipulation of the truth.

At a time when the Holy Father’s words are confusing enough and when the main stream media take these and manipulate them for their own sinister means, to see a “Catholic” paper do this as well, is the height of repugnancy.

I suggest a front page retraction is in order.


kinkorite said...

I was dismayed when I saw this front page quote and misleading article. I especially thought the quote "Sometimes it seems like the Church can grant absolution to contrite murderers in the confessional, but has nothing to offer somebody who suffers through a broken marriage" was especially misleading. A contrite murderer does not intend to murder again. A person divorced and remarried outside of the church usually intends to continue to have a sexual relationship contrary to the demands of the 6th commandment. The Church does have remedies to this situation...the first step is to see a holy and compassionate priest.

Me said...

Interpretations of Pope Francis

Let us pray that reasoned sanity will return. Father Dickson says it very well.


Lawrence and Susan Fox said...

Thank goodness you brought it to our attention! Last night I had to listen two dumb Catholics discuss how liberal Pope Francis is and how he is speaking against the Rosary by asking us to pray with our heart! Their idea of the Rosary is rote vocal prayer without meditation apparently and without the heart involved. They said something dumb like they'd be able to pray that way when they hit the unitive stage! They'll never get there if they don't learn to pray! The liberals are distorting what the Pope says, and the conservatives are misunderstanding him because of poor catechesis in the past. The good news is that the Pope is getting so much attention! Pope Benedict said so many beautiful things and nobody paid any attention. Now Pope Francis is getting in the news regularly even if he is being misunderstood. Maybe this is God's plan. God bless you. Susan Fox

Vox Cantoris said...


Send this to the "two dumb Catholics!"