Monday, 22 April 2013

Father Despard and the crisis in Scotland

It's only two months since Scotland's only Cardinal resigned and recused himself from the Conclave which elected Pope Francis. The Cardinal, whilst rector of a seminary, engaged in inappropriate sexual actions with seminarians; his picture still appears on the diocese web page, and with children!

The homosexual clergy crisis is boiling to the surface in Scotland since the release of a book by Father Despard. In retaliation, some are trying now to turn the tables on him. For more information, please refer to Toronto Catholic Witness. Montfort comes from the Motherwell Diocese and has contacts there confirming the facts and they have been doing incredible work documenting the entire situation.

A Scotsman speaks: When is the Scottish Hierarchy going to tell the truth about the "gay mafia" and stop the coverup?

As a Catholic Scot from Motherwell, I am deeply grieved about the moral crimes committed by priests and members of the hierarchy. I am profoundly concerned aboutFr. Matthew Despard and the need for us to continue to support him. Let us not lower our guard, nor think the fight is over, just because we have heard that the diocesan officials are presently backing off from suspending him. Do we really think that - in the long term - they are going to let him out of their sights? However, suspension involves serous canonical reasons (e.g. a priest violating the sixth commandment, such as Fr. Paul Milarvie's homosexual incident, would constitute grounds for suspension).  As such, Motherwell knows full well that any suspension of Fr. Despard would invariably lead to a complete investigation into the ongoing sexual depravity amongst the clergy, and the ongoing coverup and denial that evil is afoot. Motherwell may decide to try to silence and isolate Fr. Despard. If so, let another brave priest come forward, may the laity come forward to expose this evil! 

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