Thursday, 14 February 2013

The Pope is not initials and numbers!

Do you think it is possible that with the next Holy Father, various bloggers and commenters on blogs, some of whom should really know better, can avoid the rather pedestrian and disrespectul, immature and inappropriate moniker of using his initials and number to refer to him? There is even a priest who at one time blogged from Toronto that does this. It happens frequently with Pope Benedict XVI and still includes his predecessor, now a Blessed.

Stop it now!

DAJD56 (just so you know that to which I refer.)


Barona said...

Thanks Vox for your posts on our beloved Holy Father. You are absolutely correct: our Holy Father must always be addressed with the greatest respect. He is, the living link to Peter the Apostle, he is the "sweet Christ on earth". Our beloved Holy Father is the link not only to the Rock, but to Him who founded the Rock. May Our Blessed Saviour continue to pour down His graces upon our beloved Holy Father.

TH2 said...

Vox, you are correct and I am very guilty of this in my blog posts. Thank you for the admonition. I will now stop.