Friday, 11 March 2011

Open Your Mouth

If you open your mouth and speak the truth you will be criticized for it. You will be told that you are uncivil or a "conspiracy theorist." You will be told that while you have clarity you may lack charity. You will be told this by diocesan officials, media professionals and other Catholics in high places. For years, decades for some; people have been charitable and soft-spoken and wrote letters and made phone calls and made personal entreaties and for that they have been dismissed, their concerns deemed unimportant.

The world today is in a crisis; terrorism continues and the persecutions of Catholics increase at the hands of Islamists and the world stands by and does nothing. Millions of babies are murdered in their mothers' wombs by a medical profession and society gone mad. The homosexualist agenda continues to advance upon our Catholic school boards and the one media group that stands up for the truth, LifeSiteNews is besmirched by a prominent media cleric in two of Canada's most well read newspapers. They use the most offensive and inappropriate and puerile phrase "Taliban Catholics." Words befitting the murderers of Shabaz Bhatti such as "extremist" are used to describe Catholic Bloggers and new media proponents. Calling out bishops conferences for obfuscating the facts on the Roman Missal gets us labelled as, "conspiracy theorists."

This is what happens when you speak out. This is what you get from professional Catholics. Educated Catholics. Catholics with lots of letters after their names and who draw a pay cheque from Holy Mother Church.

What is going on? When did we lose the right to speak out on issues of Catholic faith and culture?

Call him controversial; call him harsh, call him what you want; but watch this Vortex by Michael Voris and pay attention to it.

I will be at the dinner in Kitchener on March 19. A message is being sent by not only his visit, but by the 600 other people who will be in attendance.

Perhaps the message that is being sent by the new media and bloggers and that which is going to be sent on the 19th of March in Kitchener is why they are so upset.

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