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Wednesday, 16 February 2011

The Suing Priest from Quebec

Raymond Gravel a former homosexual prostitute and formerly Member of Parliament and allegedly a Catholic priest is suing LifeSiteNews.Com for telling the truth by using his quotes.

How did this man get ordained?

Voris takes him on...


Anonymous said...

Raymond Gravelle is NOT an MP but belongs to one of the Quebec political parties. I don't know which one.. I've heard of him and asked myself the same question. I must admit that it is time to take the church's teaching on homosexuality seriously - may God help us.

Anonymous said...

Please, accept my apologies - yes indeed Raymond Gravel is a Bloc MP. However, I can't seem to find his name on any of the lists of MP's. Is he still in the House of Commons - what a disgrace!

Vox Cantoris said...

No problem; my comma was confusing, he is no longer an MP which he was for the Bloc Quebecois (Separatists and leftist) until 2006. His bishop gave him "dispensation" to run for office which was against Canon Law. Eventually, he was ordered by the CDF to resign from Parliament or be defrocked, this was in 2006. He is no longer a sitting MP.

He is a disgrace and if for nothing else, this lawsuit shows his arrogance and pride and is enough reason for his bishop to suspend him.

Anonymous said...

the Vortex video does not mention Fr Gravel at all. i use the title 'Fr' out of respect for the office.

Anonymous said...

My French is not the best, but it appears Fr. Gravel had a mass against homophobia. The homily was delivered by a woman.