Monday, 17 January 2011

Jubilate Deo: in a "place of beauty"

Yesterday in the calendar for the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite it was the Second Sunday after Epiphany. In the Ordinary Form of the Roman Rite it was the Second Sunday in Ordinary Time (which does not mean ordinary as in "ordinary" but ordered or numbered time). Perhaps we could find a better way of describing it, after all, Sunday is anything but "ordinary."

The Offertory Antiphon or Proper for both Forms (yes, there is an Offertory Antiphon on the OF or Novus Ordo but the rubrics dictate that it is only sung so it does not appear in the Altar Missal or your paper
missalette) is Jubilate Deo. It also comes up again in both Forms a few weeks after Easter or, of Easter, again depending on the EF or OF.

This is a great chant. It is my favourite in all the repertoire and a joy to sing.

I was afraid that after the loss of the FSSP last year and nowhere to hang my pitch pipe in the Extraordinary Form that I would go without singing it.

Alas, the good LORD who provides had other plans and at the same time as the little experiment north of Toronto came to an end after Christmas a new place for my work presented itself where Gregorian chant will have its "pride of place." It's a little longer drive than most people would do and two diocese's away from home 1:40 each way.

So if you asked me how far would I'd travel to sing this, now you know!

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