Thursday, 23 December 2010

A Christmas Prayer for You

It's the eve of Christmas Eve.

The malls are jammed. The people are busy, busy, busy with going to and fro to buy and shop and spend and nary do they consider the reason why. On the news tonight, a poll reveals that Canadians want to say Merry Christmas, not Happy Holidays. Even though the politically correct are too nit-witted to realise that Happy Holidays comes from Happy HOLY day...well, mustn't tell then now, must we?

What are you doing to keep Christ in Christmas. If you are Catholic, I hope you will go to confession so that you will be able to receive Him on Christmas with a pure heart. I have and it is not always an easy thing to do, to be sure. We must find in us that humility to go to the priest and reveal that which we have done, not to him, but to God, to Christ; the priest is only his representative; and it is Christ who absolves us by His blood. If you are a non-practising Catholic then I hope that your visit here helps you to find the reason to come home. If you are a non-Catholic Christian stopping by, welcome and you too should come home too. If you are a non-Christian and have found your way here through a Google search, welcome to you too; and Merry Christmas, He is here for you too, you only need to seek Him and He will enter. He is not pushy, He will not come uninvited. Seek Him. Learn of Him. For He is meek and humble of heart.

Here at the Vox homestead, the house is clean the manger is there on the mantle; a fire is lit. The greenery is up, the tree awaits its decoration. The music is ready to go for tomorrow in Weston and Christmas in Nobleton as well as Sunday-Holy Family in Nobleton. No Traditioinal Latin Mass for me to sing this year with the departure of the FSSPI'm afraid; though I will take in the Missa Solemnis at St. Vincent de Paul. Though last Saturday, I had the opportunity to sing the Rorate Mass last Saturday in Kinkora. To sing chant in the dark at 5:30 AM is something to be relished and savoured long after the experience.

The turkey was given its last rites earlier today and the feast will be on the Third Night of Christmas this year after all the responsibilities have been tended to.

If you've enjoyed the Advent music on the left, then I am glad. In two more sleeps, it will change (or one more if I get to it before the morning). But turn it down for a moment and click on the below. Sit and listen, enjoy and remember why we celebrate.

Below is one of my favourites, even if they've left out the "breast full of milk" in the setting of Christina Rosetti's poem by Gustav Holst. Victorian sensibilities still reign

In the second version by Harold Darke, Rosetti's poem is un-censored.

What have you given Him?

Gustav Holst:


Harold Darke:

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